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In a paroxysm of animosity and rapidity, Mr Pancks then caught the broad-brimmed hat out of the astounded Patriarch's hand, cut it down into a mere stewpan, and fixed it on the Patriarch's head.
Both were astounded at Don Quixote's new craze; however, lest he should once more make off out of the village from them in pursuit of his chivalry, they trusting that in the course of the year he might be cured, fell in with his new project, applauded his crazy idea as a bright one, and offered to share the life with him.
A contestant from 'Mongolia's Got Talent' astounded people, both online and offline, with his electrifying and leading-edge spectacle.
POLICE were astounded to see this driver "engrossed in a book" at the wheel.
I WAS astounded at the total lack of anything that could be remotely described as 'detail' when on the Daily Politics Show various Liberal Democratic spokespeople were questioned by Andrew Neil regarding their policies, even old warhorses like Paddy Ashdown did not give a single straight answer.
We were astounded - no-one has ever accused me of anything like that in all my years of puppeteering.
At the last Coventry Music Wall of Fame ceremony, The Prospects entertained and astounded the invited guests.
MY wife and I were astounded when we listened to George Osborne reading out the minibudget when he announced that pensioners were to receive an extra pounds 5 a week on their OAP pension.
But James Robertson, Dennistoun, said: "I'm astounded that Bain is astounded.
When I explained the political situation in Wales to my English friends, in which the Welsh Assembly has to apply for permission from the Westminster Parliament to be able to pass laws concerning devolved issues in Wales, they were absolutely astounded and couldn't see any sense in the process at all.
I was astounded to learn that Puerto Rico won silver for Best Island.
A GP who helped hundreds of former Longbridge worker and their families following the demise of Rover said she was astounded to learn she is an MBE.