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The inhabitants of Neweetee were overwhelmed with consternation at this astounding calamity, which had burst upon them in the very moment of triumph.
It is extraordinary what astounding mistakes clever women make.
I have tried the experiment again and again with animals that have died of this disease, with astounding results, and I want to try it on a human subject.
The driver, as a Lucknow man, was pleased with the compliment, and told Kim many astounding things where an English guide would have talked of the Mutiny.
Next moment I felt that I could have knocked him down if he hadn't looked so amazingly unhappy, while he came out with the astounding question: "Senor, have you ever been a lover in your young days?
Woodcourt came in haste with the astounding news that a terrible murder had been committed for which Mr.
But an astounding lair it proved, fitted throughout by one eminent firm, and ringing to the rafters with the last word on fantastic furniture.
Six different times, however, I suppose some infatuated prophecy- enthusiast blundered along and said, to the infinite disgust of Smyrna and the Smyrniotes: "In sooth, here is astounding fulfillment of prophecy
He mingled wisdom and nonsense in the most astounding manner, gravely making fun of his hearers at one moment, and at the next playfully giving them sound advice.
As for Hippolyte, their effect upon him was astounding.
It maintained its astounding equilibrium amidst a thunder of applause.
What an astounding man he was, this Justin Lebasset