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A hospital spokesman added: "They came through the early birth astoundingly well.
BEST AWARDS British Academy Television Awards (BBC One Wales, tonight, 8pm) [bar] IF there's any justice in the world Vicky McClure and Johnny Harris should secure the Leading Actress and Supporting Actor gongs at this year's bash for their astoundingly powerful performances in This Is England '86, Shane Meadows' follow-up to his 2006 movie of nearly the same name.
Astoundingly attractive day spa fully equipped including two chairs for hair, two pedicure chairs, three tanning beds, one massage room, one aesthetician room and more
Tidied-up tactics and some astoundingly realistic graphics give the series the kind of shot in the arm it was desperate for, and the Master League will still easily suck away weeks, if not months, of your life.
Nevertheless the region has performed astoundingly well in the only terms that can be used to measure.
Serious, all-encompassing comic libraries need this addition to an astoundingly complex series of achievements that are Jack Kirby's legacy.
The average for this year remains astoundingly high.
Supported by two of the most respected names in their fields, Permanent TSB and Allianz, we are now able to bring further value and savings to our range, at an astoundingly low cost to buyers.
Some have suggested that this somehow devalues the competition further, because it shows that a lot of clubs aren't that bothered about it any more, but you only have to read the quite astoundingly sour comments coming out of Old Trafford, for instance, to see that Manchester United were in no hurry to get knocked out.
Lyrical, almost magical, the Renaissance writers of Castile produced an astounding array of work from an even more astoundingly diverse pool of writers.
Publisher Bloomsbury yesterday described it as "the most astoundingly successful book launch ever".
Over two hundred color photos of architecture, monuments, and arts crosses genres and eras alike in an astoundingly well detailed, unparalleled coverage not to be missed by any serious art collection.