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If you mean 'initially entertaining but soon becoming quite irritating as his obviously forced bonhomie begins to feel the strain of a string of poor results until he eventually launches into an astoundingly bitter and deluded rant against officials, opponents and anybody else who happens to be passing by', then it's spot on.
Head of Art, Alison Rees said: "There was a record number of entries and the standard was astoundingly high.
Not a 'zine but a proper book, this is an astoundingly well-researched and documented look at the representation of skateboarding in popular music in the 1960s and 1970s (prior to Mofo's coining of the phrase and what we think of as Skate Rock, ie, after punk).
Sloan as Rumer continues to deliver an astoundingly authentic retro sound that has rightly generated comparisons with The Carpenters and Carole King.
A hospital spokesman added: "They came through the early birth astoundingly well.
BEST AWARDS British Academy Television Awards (BBC One Wales, tonight, 8pm) [bar] IF there's any justice in the world Vicky McClure and Johnny Harris should secure the Leading Actress and Supporting Actor gongs at this year's bash for their astoundingly powerful performances in This Is England '86, Shane Meadows' follow-up to his 2006 movie of nearly the same name.
Astoundingly attractive day spa fully equipped including two chairs for hair, two pedicure chairs, three tanning beds, one massage room, one aesthetician room and more
Tidied-up tactics and some astoundingly realistic graphics give the series the kind of shot in the arm it was desperate for, and the Master League will still easily suck away weeks, if not months, of your life.
Nevertheless the region has performed astoundingly well in the only terms that can be used to measure.
Serious, all-encompassing comic libraries need this addition to an astoundingly complex series of achievements that are Jack Kirby's legacy.
The price of an OPEC barrel has fallen by an average of almost one dollar a day over the last 100 days--an astoundingly precipitous decline.
Supported by two of the most respected names in their fields, Permanent TSB and Allianz, we are now able to bring further value and savings to our range, at an astoundingly low cost to buyers.