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It's just one's astral body traveling out of their physical body and unconsciously going to places of their desire.
Andy Gates, one of the directors and founders at Astral, helped form the business six years ago to provide a mixture of rigging and specialist access teams.
The Astral Gypsies Puppeteering Troupe: http://www.
In addition, Astral distributes worldrenowned products under license such as low noise piping systems and solvent cement for joining pipes and fittings.
Astral says the aircraft will also be available for ad-hoc charters within Eastern Africa.
Bell's proposed acquisition of Astral was guided by, and complies with, the CRTC's 2008 Diversity of Voices regulatory policy, which specifically stated that it would approve broadcasting transactions resulting in a company controlling less than 35% of total TV audience share.
Astral Light & Creamy feels light on the skin and has a beautiful fragrance.
The Astral is largely a rumination on marriage, wise enough to inform anyone who's been at it a while but maybe too dark for kids just starting off.
Mriouah joins Astral Health & Beauty with 19 years of experience in the cosmetics industry.
April 22 2010 -- South African poultry integrator Astral Foods has issued a trading statement predicting increased earnings.