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While the main reactions involved in color stabilization are known, (4-5,6,7) the impact of reactions occurring during aging and involving PAs and anthocyanins on the decrease of wine astringency are not well established.
The best food wines, according to Evan Goldstein, have a good level of zippy acidity, moderate alcohol, unobtrusive oak, and not too much astringency from tannins.
It's a big mouthful, with an edge of astringency that would be fabulous as an accompaniment to roast lamb.
Crowley observes although whole-wheat pasta promotes heart health and provides antioxidants not found in refined pastas, its distinct astringency, texture and "non-fermentable fiber" content keep it out of the mainstream.
BITTERNESS: Most beers are intentionally bitter but on rare occasions a brewing flaw can produce a taste of excessive bitterness, or astringency.
For starters, you could measure the ebullience of two Richard Strauss tone poems (``Don Juan'' and ``Till Eulenspiegel's Merry Pranks'') against the poise of Mozart's Fourteenth Piano Concerto and the astringency of Gyorgy Kurtag's ``.
While the composers of the Baltic region are by no means stylistically interchangeable, there is a certain something--call it astringency, or maybe asceticism, though neither adjective applies equally to all of them--that makes these works easily recognizable as products of their geographic area.
This is both an advantage and a limitation, for while it enables him, in "Autumn Marriage," to handle undeclared domestic wars with a Gravesian astringency and clear-eyed restraint, or, in "Operation," to confront the aftermath of an abortion with a combination of wrenching honesty and compassion, the themes of his poetry reveal a narrowness of focus and too often a homogeneity of tone.
A place where the aroma of fresh bread meets up with the astringency of detergents.