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Unripe bananas, pomegranate, chickpeas, yellow split peas, okra, turmeric, alfalfa sprouts, and alumroot are examples of the astringent taste.
But it only really cares about Chris' tough and astringent soul and Annie's clean, clear moral compass.
VATA people such as Christy Turlington, Victoria Beckham and Kate Moss should eat lots of sweet, sour and salty foods and avoid those most pungent, bitter and astringent.
Whether a role calls for an astringent clarity or a generous lyricism, she knows what her non-weird assets are: "What I can do is give movement a different dimension, to show it with more detail.
Chief executive Stephen Appelbee said: ``We see this variant, which offers a slightly more astringent solution, as a service item.
The word astringent on the bottle means it has a high alcohol content and is only suitable for oily skins.
Soap's a no-go and the astringent properties of many products can leave your face looking flaky and irritated.
5-10 minutes Feels pleasant and the naturally- astringent strawberry extract smells delicious.
In Don Roos's breathtakingly astringent directing debut, this Louisiana miss sets new standards of chutzpah and self-servingness for all of celluloid's white trash women to follow.
It's estimated that one-tenth of the world's population chews betel nuts, the astringent, addictive seeds of the betel palm.
The museum is currently hosting an exhibition examining current photographic works from Africa called "Snap Judgments: New Positions in Contemporary African Photography," which has been hailed by the New York Times as "stimulating, astringent, and brimming with life.
The aftertaste is just a dry, astringent bitterness that lasts quite a long time in the mouth.