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Praised by some critics as Kaurismaki's best (of nearly 25 films I'd recommend, just for starters, the more astringently wry ``Calamari Union,'' ``Hamlet Goes Business'' and ``Leningrad Cowboys Go America''), it's your basic uplift-the-poor parable with a memory-loss theme thrown in for some semblance of a plot line.
followed by a tearful and desperate apology, typifies the clear-sighted but sympathetic wisdom into the complicated ways of the heart that infuses Osborn's writing, which is particularly well served by Franz's astringently moving performance.
It was a biographical reluctance borne of shame--not shame of Holmes but shame of the academy's own complicity in what Alschuler astringently calls Holmes' "beatification.
That figure was Oliver Wendell Holmes, who was led by his horrific experience of the war to an astringently materialist skepticism, and Wilson very pointedly ends his book with a chapter on the legendary jurist and Supreme Court justice.
His attractive instrumental sonorities and avoidance of sentimentality give this astringently lyrical music an almost post-modern freshness.
Belgium is keen to shake off the shadow of last year's dioxin scare, and Tavola will be used by its industry as a platform to show that all safety and quality procedures have been astringently overhauled and even improved.