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We have been getting astronomic bills from Zesa and we will now be able to pay for what we consume through the installation of pre-paid meters .
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- A man who defrauds people by making fake amulet at astronomic prices was detained by police during an investigation carried out in ystanbul.
Also, Gordon Brown let the property market rip producing astronomic rents in some parts of the country, without considering the knock-on effect on housing benefit.
Saturday evening Bulgaria will enter the March solstice hailing the coming of the astronomic springtime.
As a result, many local government employees are getting astronomic salaries, plus pension benefits unmatched in the private sector, for equivalent jobs.
The work they have done with critically-injured victims of the Haiti quake will mean that the astronomic death toll of 212,000 people will not rise any higher.
17 (ANI): Astronomic fines lie in wait for captains and teams that play their cricket at a snail's pace in the second edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) in South Africa.
Former nightclub bouncer Paul Nicholson pocketed hundreds of thousands of pounds by charging astronomic 125% rates of interest.
Two in three firms charge above the market average for withdrawals - including one, the Vanquis Visa, at an astronomic 46.
The fuel saving, on a national scale, would be astronomic.
The overall cost of back pain is said to be astronomic - as high as pounds 5 billion a year.
Astronomic, the only horse to beat Marcel this term, was a major disappointment when he finished tailed off last of five in a Grade Two contest run on heavy ground at Haydock Park on Saturday.