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06 If a modified astronomical telescope is held up to the eye of an uncorrected +7.
Epling observed the twin cigar shaped mysterious object through a Meade 8" SCT astronomical telescope, reported Daily Mail.
A team of Australian and US scientists trawled through data from satellites, ground weather stations and computer climate models to find the ideal location for an astronomical telescope that would not suffer from the weather.
The club is designed to develop students' skills by allowing them to become more familiar with the night sky and learn the technical aspects of setting up and directing an astronomical telescope.
The launch last year of a world class centre of expertise based at OpTIC has given the site the ability to produce the highly accurate mirrors needed for that sort of giant astronomical telescope.
Well-known Sutton Coldfield scientist Professor John Penny, BSc, PhD, FIMA, CMath, the former Director of Research of the School of Engineering at Birmingham's Aston University, will deliver the lecture - The Astronomical Telescope - Four Centuries of Development.
Not only is this the largest astronomical telescope to be launched into space, but its images are described as some of the most important images captured from space for decades.
The first astronomical telescope was two lenses in a tube; Galileo could hold it in his hand.

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