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We played a bit more astutely and got some field position, while our defence was superb and that created some opportunities for us as well.
As one commenter astutely pointed out, while most people would "agree that we have the right to punish others (at least socially) for racist or anti-Semitic comments," the problem is that there is no consensus today on whether "being gay is morally the equivalent of being Jewish.
We've witnessed the endorsing of countless political candidates by our church leaders and, as your article astutely points out, accountability becomes tantamount.
I don't know what director Kang's early adolescence was like, but he's either analyzed it astutely or has total recall of its discomforts.
The result is a comprehensive and astutely sensitive portrayal of a middle-American town and the two drifters who snuffed out the lives of one of its finest families.
He was a powerhouse in the game and no one tackled with more efficiency or read the game astutely.
Kimball astutely understood the demand for such a facility.
As Jean-Max Colard astutely observed in these pages in December 2001, Hains's work is nothing if not "nonlinear, made up of digressions, missed appointments, lateral moves, and temporary disappearances.
Moreover, she astutely points out Odum's subversion of many strongly held stereotypes of Blacks that predominated In the South, some of which he himself had once embraced.
Eifman astutely translates emotion into motion, and the articulate bodies of his long-limbed dancers etch the warped postures indelibly in space and memory.
The Magic stuff is interesting, but Kushner--perhaps astutely realizing that the market for Magic books is small and the market for poker books is big--seems eager in hurry through it in order to get to the gambling part.
35 Ayr, 1m Jockey Daniel Tudhope Trainer Declan Carroll (pictured) Forecast SP 3-1f Why this is significant The six-year-old is at the top of his game, having been astutely placed by his trainer to win his last four.