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Listen astutely to what employees say, and you will understand where the skill gaps are.
"We played a bit more astutely and got some field position, while our defence was superb and that created some opportunities for us as well.
Brilliantly written sketches based on astutely observed snippets of life, Armstrong and Miller - and their supporting cast - show off fine character-acting skills, from the Second World War RAF fighters and their Jerry Springer "talk to the gun because the cockpit ain't listening" to the dinner party couple who carry on with the risotto even when the guy has chopped his hand off.
Often pausing amid reflections to astutely contemplate the role of everyday objects, from an anvil to a soft black derby to marvelously designed wristwatches, Yes, Master observes the mundane and reveals that the whole of daily life is much more than its seemingly ordinary parts.
The professors astutely note that the death penalty is often used as a club to keep poor and desperate minorities in line in the larger white society.
From the politics of child care in France to the consolidation of the private market model in America, Working Mothers and the Welfare State astutely dissects each implementation, exposing its strengths and weaknesses as well as its implications for future generations of mothers and children.
He sees astutely that the production of teddy bears, Raggedy Ann dolls, and other cuddly stuffed creatures was a twentieth-century way of comforting babes left to sleep alone in their own room as they had never been before.
We've witnessed the endorsing of countless political candidates by our church leaders and, as your article astutely points out, accountability becomes tantamount.
As one commenter astutely pointed out, while most people would "agree that we have the right to punish others (at least socially) for racist or anti-Semitic comments," the problem is that there is no consensus today on whether "being gay is morally the equivalent of being Jewish."
The result is a comprehensive and astutely sensitive portrayal of a middle-American town and the two drifters who snuffed out the lives of one of its finest families.
He was a powerhouse in the game and no one tackled with more efficiency or read the game astutely.
Judging by the success of similar such plants in the Yard, including one operated by Sweet'N Low and a sizeable warehouse tenanted by fish processor Pierless Fish Corp., Kimball astutely understood the demand for such a facility.