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It was evident that astuteness was a challenge for both teams.
In a statement signed by its state chairman, Engineer Kola Shittu, the party described the appointment as well-deserved, in view of the Senate President's capacity, astuteness and wealth of experience.
Summary: It will be a battle where experience will be pitted against youth and astuteness
He said different panels took part in the election process and accepted the results cordially flags maturity and astuteness.
It was an example of the tactical astuteness of his management team.
Bills pending in the House of Representatives on "Mandatory ROTC" (HB 5113, HB 1260, etc.) require political will and the astuteness to fully comprehend what is at stake.
Cited as an individual who exhibits the ideal blend of business acumen, professionalism, entrepreneurial caliber and astuteness, Mascarinas was instrumental to the continued success of one of the largest poultry integrator companies in the country.
We can expect more political shrewdness and astuteness in the future if everything goes well.
'Succession' isn't just notable for the credible portrayals turned in by its likable cast, it also doesn't hurt that its no-frills narrative development proceeds quickly, with sleight-of-hand storytelling astuteness, twists and tweaks you don't see coming (like the scene where Logan fires an unsuspecting ally), and wince-inducing humor that leavens the show's emotionally charged dramatic proceedings.
Makhzoumi heaped praises on Speaker Berri's moderate political line and astuteness in tackling national affairs, a manner which sets the foundations of stability and balance in the country.
This marks a test for the entire governance setup to prove to the Lebanese and the rest of the world that when the country is in jeopardy, the astuteness and resolve wielded by the leadership is sufficient to ward off the threat.
As part of the training, she carried out various modules in collective leadership, valuing difference, ethics, values and standards and political astuteness.