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Combining archive and new footage with an original soundtrack, Asunder put the focus on Sunderland on the 100th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme.
Hooker Shervington says beating Castres in the Champions Cup will blow asunder the tricky Pool Two in their last game of 12 years sharing the ground with Wycombe Wanderers.
I think that even the married partners cannot put themselves asunder under any condition.
26-year-old doctor Alexandra McKay seems to have everything: a successful career as a plant scientist, a happy home with a pet, a romance with a god man: her life is finally coming together and, it's about to be torn asunder when she becomes the only witness to a terrible accident at a secret biological weapons lab.
Be it the ravages wrought by war or those inflicted by the man- made Bengal famine, the trials and tribulations of a nation torn asunder by Partition or the building of modern- day India, newspapers have played a crucial role in educating Indians and giving expression to the diversity of views in our society, upholding thereby the fundamental right to freedom of speech and expression," Mukherjee said.
Gone with a kettle glow, a lowing, a wing in the thunder, asunder asunder say the stars, the tar in the road.
Ryan Giggs: What off-field problems he may have had have been cast asunder thanks to picking up yet another league title with Manchester United.
Morgan and Moxey have torn the club asunder, More damage done than lightning and thunder, Caused by many a management blunder, The poor old Wolves
The Syrian society is being torn asunder and destroyed by the conflict that has continued into a second year, and it is the responsibility of the international community to alleviate the humanitarian crisis, Mladenov said at the conference, as cited by the press service of the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry.
Such criminal negligence on the part of law enforcement authorities is tearing asunder the very fabric of society," CCP said.
THE assumption that an elected mayor is all powerful as been blown asunder.
Because 'the earth has been shaken by a mighty wind' and houses rent asunder, people killed by trees and vehicles toppled, are we now to build no more, plant no trees or use roads?