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Previous studies were focused to find prevalence of asymmetric molar and canine relationship on right and left side of the dental arches.
Asymmetric school weeks were introduced in the Scottish Borders in 2014 and see high schools open between 8.
In broad terms, asymmetric warfare can be said to comprise three main types, namely strategic asymmetry, tactical asymmetry and war by proxy (Khan, 2005).
Peeters and Albers (2013) analyzed asymmetric impact of global oil and food price shocks on domestic prices in South Mediterranean for the sample period 2006M3-2010M4.
Since 2000 Chinese military scholars have discussed the concept of total war or unrestricted warfare in which the PLA would use asymmetric tactics in all domains of the battle space.
The asymmetric transmission of the linearly and circularly polarized waves is commonly characterized by a parameter of [DELTA].
Author in [6] has completely discussed on asymmetric metric spaces.
He added that the IRGC's cavalry units exercised new asymmetric warfare tactics in the initial phase of the drills today.
Asymmetric adenoid tissue accompanying rhinolithiasis might be overlooked easily and this may cause the symptoms of the patient to persist after the surgery.
The first part of the article isolates a definition of asymmetric strategy that, unlike many definitions proposed previously, defines such strategies independently of the actors that execute them: asymmetric strategies transform an adversary's perceived strength into a vulnerability, often by revealing one's own perceived vulnerability as a strength.
With respect to above mentioned assumptions, the heat transfer across the wall will be asymmetric in accordance with axis of the wall.
It seems then that the only reason for not at least using gross substitutability side by side with net substitutability is that gross substitutability allows for the apparently unintuitive case of asymmetric substitutability.