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In this way, pitch space coalesces in asymmetrical ramifications whose density, in their most radical form, leads to the total obstruction of all movement, to a motion no longer progressive, only an agitated kind of non-motion.
LOT III - Lease primary connection, asymmetrical access to the site Sites ITA, ul.
The asymmetrical group has to develop more positive social skills to compensate for these perceived shortcomings," he added.
A new kneading-section design for corotating twin-screw compounders begins and ends with an asymmetrical kneading disc.
One way that this motor is able to be small but powerful is through the use of an asymmetrical wire winding method rather than the symmetrical approach that's ordinarily used when winding motors.
Those canonical works were made from panels and posts of painted wood, set in asymmetrical but balanced compositions related conceptually to the rectangular arrangements of Piet Mondrian's paintings.
And the third act, relatively pared down, is a denouement: amid the other dancers, their bodies twisted, asymmetrical, Caspersen appears at the back of the stage, grotesque, a plague figure, crawling nude and white out of her skirt, an image of birth and rebirth.
According to researchers who tested the idea on both sober and inebriated college students in England, alcohol dulls people's ability to recognize cockeyed, asymmetrical faces, reports Discovery News.
The top of the tower is eroded into an asymmetrical shard that seems to merge with and dissolve into the sky itself.

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