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The students must add at least four different values to their doodling in an asymmetrically balanced design.
Meanwhile, my lead had noticed that our bombs were loaded asymmetrically and was double-checking total asymmetry and limitations using his pocket checklist.
Interesting results were obtained when asymmetrically carburized specimens were bent during tempering.
They earn this moniker through their ability to grow asymmetrically to match the vegetation of their environment.
The underlying geometric rigor of these works creates a counterpoint to the formlessness of Ground 02, 2005: This is a group of forty-three aluminum sheets asymmetrically cut and coated in acrylic paint, resting on metal supports and placed horizontally inside an old cistern, accessed by descending a stone staircase.
Exotic flowers and fruits are asymmetrically arranged in a rolling, tossing composition typical of the Baroque.
For maximum flexibility the plastic trays can be split symmetrically between both packing lines or asymmetrically if only one line requires trays.
As function of the oscillation centre position (the equilibrium position of the mounted mass on the isolators, in case of dynamic loads absence) the vibrations that are developed during the isolators run can be both symmetrically and asymmetrically (Chiriacescu at al.
The extreme speed and the extreme gravitational field smeared the X-ray spectral lines asymmetrically.
A waistline-defining corset bustier asymmetrically draped with contrasting striped silk satin taffeta and worn atop a floor-sweeping, trumpet-bottom evening skirt.
True (A) or false (B)--fill in only block A or block B: Asymmetrically enlarged tonsils are one of the features of serious pathology.
Subacute thyroiditis is associated with a tender asymmetrically enlarged thyroid, and patients are typically systemically unwell with fever and neck pain.