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Additionally, there is evidence of a power by product complexity interaction effect, but only at the asymmetrically strong power level.
With a grease pencil I carefully trace the outline of the impression, mentally checking off the distinguishing characteristics: two lobes on the leading edge of the heel pad, three lobes on the trailing edge; toes elongated ovals and asymmetrically arranged.
Hour & Minute hands: asymmetrically hollowed out, rose gold plated & Super-LumiNova
If the sanctions are aiming to harm Russia's energy and financial sector then "'we will respond asymmetrically with restrictions in the transport sector, the PM said.
This makes editing super fast because time is not wasted switching tools and clips can be trimmed on multiple tracks simultaneously in the same direction, or asymmetrically.
The gown featured an asymmetrically ruched bodice and chapel-length train adorned with re-embroidered hand-beaded lace applique.
Development of the external genitalia continues throughout adolescence and in particular the labia minora may develop asymmetrically initially and become more symmetrical in time," she added.
Worthy of note is the sliding side door to the load compartment which is, of course, in addition to asymmetrically split rear opening doors and opens to a class-leading 70cm to make access even easier.
The sculpture comprises an elongated and asymmetrically shaped net of tensile steel cables suspended between two large steel rings.
of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania), arguing that globalization retains the same internal logic of capitalism, with its production for profits, tendency of capital toward concentration, alienation and exploitation of labor, centralization and outward expansion, and exploitation and domination of weak economies and societies and further contending that Africa is fully but asymmetrically integrated into the global capitalist system.
The aims of the study were: (i) to determine the necessity for diagnostic tonsillectomy in children with asymmetrically enlarged tonsils; (ii) to determine the accuracy of clinical assessment of tonsillar asymmetry; and (iii) to determine how to manage children with clinical tonsillar asymmetry in a developing-world practice.
The buildings exhibited include Heikkinen & Komonen's cultural centre in Kuhmo which has an asymmetrically sloping turf roof growing heather and lingonberry, the Karsamaki shingle church by Anssi Lassila, built using eighteenth-century methods, a luminous chapel in Turku by Matti Sanaksenaho with a timber structure clad in copper, and the lookout tower in Helsinki by Ville Hara composed of a strong but light meshed shell structure of timber strips (AR December 2003).