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Next, Hamada and his colleagues plan to identify proteins that turn lefty on and off and thus move even closer to the origin of the developmental cascade that initiates the asymmetries.
This is in contrast to our hypothesis and to previous studies that reported asymmetries in favor of the right limb.
The examples show what asymmetries that can be obtained, illustrate the statistical distributions of the crest front and crest back periods, and the tilted particle orbits near asymmetric wave crests.
Age and sex also can influence asymmetries for toe, leg, wing, and feather length, as well as wattle area of chickens (Campo et al.
asymmetries arise if opponents enjoy greater freedom of action, or if they have weapons or techniques available to them that one does not.
This restorative human and prosthesis system is inherently asymmetric and induces considerable motor asymmetries during locomotor tasks [1-5].
Functional asymmetries in the lower-limbs have been the subject of numerous recent investigations concerning many different contact, limited-contact and non-contact sports aimed at understanding the role of conditioning in performance and in injury prevention (Fousekis et al.
Considering this, it is easy to expect the further findings of the various RCC asymmetries and antisymmetries in insect taxa which are not analysed yet.
Filler injected into the philtrum and lower lip, to even out asymmetries.
The idea is that asymmetries allow the brain to have more area for processing complex information.