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Each signed (+ or -) bilateral asymmetry (left minus right) was tested for normality with mean zero by the Shapiro-Wilk statistic and one sample t-test using SAS 9.
To generate asymmetry effectively is to be, although not necessarily the only way to be, a skilled strategist.
If the results of this study prove the significant relationship of the information asymmetry and cost of equity capital, it informs stakeholders to consider this issue more than ever.
Work asymmetry decreased a small amount in four volunteers and increased in the other four volunteers that used the shortened crank (Figure 4).
Pancholi recommends that any woman bothered by breast asymmetry consult an experienced cosmetic surgeon, who can help determine the best treatment option.
The late presentation in this case was likely attributable to the fact that the neck asymmetry was not obvious on visual inspection.
During the first few months after birth, there is a rapid development of monocular symmetry, but even by six months there may be residual asymmetry at high speeds (Figure 3c).
Key words: Alces alces, antler, asymmetry, development, Isle Royale National Park, moose.
With these data, it becomes possible to address the question of eclipse asymmetry.
Researchers knew that if the observed third kind of oscillation were zero or near zero, it would make further study of matter-antimatter asymmetry difficult.