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Prior to joining Asymmetry, Alex was a partner at Partner Fund Management, L.P.
Long-term preferred and uncompensated loads on one side of the body may lead to asymmetry and the dominance of one leg or hand over the other, which can be the result of preexisting limb preferences (footedness and handedness).
Anders Ohma, a doctoral candidate at the University of Bergen in Norway and lead author on the new study, explained in a ( statement released by the journal that the asymmetry is caused by the complete opposite of what they initially thought.
According to information asymmetry theory, companies prefer to hold excess cash (Scott, 2006).
It can, however, be transmuted, and Asymmetry shows us how the basic experience of loss can take on multiple guises.
Asymmetry of the breasts may not only persist, but may also become more pronounced after surgery (5).
The cyclic loading was made at the following values of the asymmetry cycle ratio: steel 45 - at [R.sub.[sigma]] = 0.5; 0.25; 0; -0.25; -0.5; -1; -2; titanium alloy - at [R.sub.[sigma]] = 0; -1; -2.
Different experiments have only provided glimpses of the predicted asymmetry.
By cooling water down to this temperature, the team employed nuclear magnetic resonance methods to show that the difference in lifetimes of the two ions reaches a maximum value by accentuating the asymmetry becoming glaringly clear.
However, favorable results in correcting smile asymmetry are relatively unpredictable (14, 15).
A number of predictions arise from the gravity-determined running speed asymmetry hypothesis: i) Spiders should be orientated downwards to gain full advantage of the faster downward gravity-assisted running speeds.
"The power asymmetry between Alice and Ezra has morphed into much more profound and violent kinds of asymmetry--between the U.S.