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They also found that the way of discussion was different in synchronous and asynchronous online conversation.
that supplies the three-phase asynchronous motor as well as for the local control of the motor.
Making a successful asynchronous discussion is probably the most important aspect for an instructor to consider.
the intrinsic nature of the system for recording the messages (forum), and the asynchronous nature of the communication, mean that sequences of interventions are retained in a peculiar fashion (as compared with those produced in face-to-face sessions).
In synchronous motors, the armature uses permanent magnets instead of the steel laminations that asynchronous motors use.
Asynchronous learning includes vertical portals, computer-aided learning (CAL) and Web-based instruction (WBI).
Because asynchronous methods involve no real-time interaction, they provide a flexible, convenient way of learning.
In applications that require a large amount of data transfer between an SRAM and a controller, including image, audio, video and gaming applications, throughput is a major performance factor," said Sunil Thamaran, Senior Director of the Asynchronous Memory Business Unit at Cypress.
The discussion board tool allows for students to participate in an online asynchronous discussion.
For asynchronous mirroring, the source and target devices do not have to synchronize their writes and the second and subsequent writes occur independently.
The CY7C1071DV33 32-Mbit 3V and CY7C1081DV33 64-Mbit 3V fast asynchronous SRAMs offer both 16-bit and 8-bit I/O configuration.
The 15 papers selected for the April 2008 symposium present recent research on data-driven asynchronous circuits, variability and power, latch protocols and pipelines, efficient and reliable schemes for computation and communication, and verification of asynchronous controllers.