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Unlike face-to-face courses that are able to operate successfully at times using organized student-student interactions, asynchronous courses require structured and systematic interactions for learning to occur (e.g., Garrison & Cleveland-Innis, 2005).
Due to the salient pole construction of the rotor and the asymmetry of the starting winding, the distribution of the magnetic flux density in the air gap differs from the sinusoidal, and the electromagnetic torque in the asynchronous mode has a constant component and a variable one that fluctuates with a double frequency.
Unlike in an asynchronous motor, the magnetic field in a synchronous motor's rotor is generated by permanent magnets and does not require additional energy to create a magnetic field.
Through a multi-case evaluation of asynchronous courses Garrison and Cleveland-Innes (2005) found that alone participant interaction does not inculcate a feeling of mutual social existence or involvement in online education.
Given the continued, contested presence of asynchronous online tutoring in scholarly discussions of writing center work, its relative absence in scholarship is surprising.
Good quality discussion is necessary but not sufficient in asynchronous tuition: A brief narrative.
However, each subsequent week the subgroups alternated the discussion format between asynchronous discussion boards and synchronous video web-conferencing.
Delay insensitive (DI) adders are also asynchronous adders that provide bundling constraints or DI operations.
In the data analysis, the synchronous and asynchronous model was assumed as the independent variable, while the dependent variables were clinical progression, remission, patient satisfaction and costs.
Then the asynchronous fusion method can be described simply as follows: the expressions (denoted as [[??].sub.k|k] = [E.sup.*] [[X.sub.k]|[z.sub.k]] and [P.sub.k|k] = cov[[[??].sub.k|k]|[z.sub.k-1]]) would be calculated after a new measurement [z.sub.k] is obtained in fusion center at the moment of [t.sub.k].
We assume the degradation process (1) is observed by a number of M asynchronous sensors.
A comparison of asynchronous online text-based lectures and synchronous interactive web conferencing lectures.