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Having made the approximation of the coordinates of equation (2), which describes the stable asynchronous mode of SSM, on the mesh of n+1 nodes of the period Ta by the splines of the third order in accordance with [3] with the step h = [T.
1) The decoupled and immediate asynchronous modes provide the best performance since they allow concurrent execution.
After the training session was completed, the subjects were instructed to decide on a suitable task over the next week to ten-day period for performance in the asynchronous mode of communication (distributed in time and place), using the CyberCollaboratory.
Some time is needed for reflection here, and asynchronous modes such as email and a bulletin board are effective.
Asynchronous mode generates a more current copy of the primary volume data, but requires considerable and continuous network bandwidth.
We've created the first DSU/CSUs able to transmit data at 56K bps in asynchronous mode," he added, "and we've made the units PC-friendly by adding things like AT-command set automatic dial.
In order to replicate the entire data information to the new data center a second copy process was implemented in asynchronous mode.
However, while the asynchronous mode of network-based instruction can enhance learning, at the same time it can raise potential difficulties for learning.

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