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As is well known [2], in the asynchronous mode of the salient-pole SM, the angle [theta] the rotor runoff is continuously increasing by law
The CASSCF calculations present that the evolution path from FC to CI is barrierless for asynchronous mode while it has to overcome 0.8 eV barrier in synchronous addition reaction.
Figure 7 illustrates the difference between the immediate synchronous and immediate asynchronous modes using a UML activity diagram [9].
The effectiveness of both face-to-face and asynchronous modes of collaboration, with respect to satisfaction with the collaborative experience, is measured in terms of student perceptions, student attitudes and, student background variables.
Members do not need to attend frequent face-to-face meetings because the CyberCollaboratory is designed to be used in the asynchronous mode of communication as shown in Figure 3 and is accessible using a standard Web browser and a PC or workstation.
Barring hardware limitations, Streamer1 operates in an asynchronous mode. This way, processing events can trigger responses when they occur rather than when the central computer polls distributed microprocessors.
The MT1932BL provides synchronous or asynchronous operation over dedicated or dial-up phone lines, with V.42 error correction in asynchronous mode for 100 percent error-free data and V.42bis "4-to-1" data compression for effective throughputs up to 76.8K bps (depending on file content).
Since there are no rods in the interpolar gap, it is asymmetric, as a result of which the distribution of magnetic flux density in the air gap differs from the sinusoidal one, and the electromagnetic torque in the stable asynchronous mode has constant and variable components.
From a social-interactionist's view of language learning, "reflective conversation" via CMC, particularly through the asynchronous mode, has been advocated (Lamy & Goodfellow, 1999).
Asynchronous mode is ideal here, to allow sufficient time for cognitive connections and co-construction of new non-foundational knowledge.
The mean sentence per person in synchronous mode is 26.31 sentences and 51 sentences in asynchronous mode. Because R = .77 and [R.sup.2] = 0.6, 60% of the variance is accounted for by these independent variables.
Asynchronous mode generates a more current copy of the primary volume data, but requires considerable and continuous network bandwidth.

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