at close quarters

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As the artists stood in a window recess, it was difficult to distinguish their faces except at close quarters, and I kept away at first; but when I came nearer (I hardly know why) I thought of nothing else; the wedding party and the music ceased to exist, my curiosity was roused to the highest pitch, for my soul passed into the body of the clarionet player.
As soon as they were at close quarters he let fly with his bronze spear over the reins and yoke, thinking to take Diomed's life, but Minerva caught the spear in her hand and made it fly harmlessly over the chariot.
Seen at close quarters it had rather a showy look: the big red jewels in the hilt and guard were a little dubious.
And, in, addition there were some rather under-exposed photographs, obviously done by an amateur, at close quarters, of the actual machine's mutterings had made, in its shed near the Crystal Palace.
She continued to blink at close quarters, and her eyelashes and eyebrows seemed shabby too.
In some way he had got hold of a heavy war club, and at close quarters it was a far more efficient weapon than a rifle.
In this simple and understated narrative, we see that the form of Christian discipleship is not primarily listening or learning but rather moving into the "house" of Jesus, discerning his mode of life, being with him at close quarters.