at cross-purposes

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For the first time Baptists saw hard evidence that the various south-wide agencies, the state conventions, and local churches could accomplish much more working together than laboring at cross-purposes.
Often, when used at the same time, these two classes of drugs work at cross-purposes, says Ram Sasisekharan, a biological engineer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
He thought his mother finally had seemed at peace with her life, "until my bombshell landed, showing her, I now suppose, that she was still at cross-purposes with her family and herself.
The statement of work (SOW) for the CESCO contract was written prior to the award of Task Order 2, so there was no knowledge of the coordination issues that must be solved for the two contractors to work in tandem rather than at cross-purposes (if the government shops were still operating, the same coordination would have to be accomplished).
In France, the report points out, police and intelligence agencies have not only failed to coordinate but have sometimes worked at cross-purposes.