at fault

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Minimization of fault currents at fault location X on the wind/PV GCS due to the SCF for different values of Peterson coil is given in Table 3.
For example, that act provides that defendants determined to be less than 60% at fault are liable solely for damages proportionate to their percentage of fault, and not for any portion of harm done by any other entity.
Present arrangements have a short list of clear winners: the lawyers, (who usually get one third of the victim's winnings), the lucky (those hit by someone rich or well insured and clearly at fault), and the insurance companies (who make money regardless).
The 15 CF variables have been used with the fault-free data set of 27 observations from fault-free baseline data along with those from each of the faulty data sets at fault severity level 4 of the RP-1043 lab chiller data (Comstock and Braun 1999) to develop linear discriminant models using forward step-wise model identification.