at first sight

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Kate and Luke reunite to talk to host Kevin Frasier at the "Married at First Sight" reunion.
"We are completely in support of Love at First Sight, as the screening equipment the funds from the appeal would buy could mean less invasive screening - as well as having the ability to screen more babies and potentially save the sight of even more children."
Thus, at first sight the letter may imply that if anyone does not pay their debt, they can count on a visit from the distrainor.
A team investigated Lafs (love at first sight) which is an acronym that immediately makes you wonder just how seriously they were taking their work.
After meeting the day they got married, the couple have had a relationship roller coaster, which they documented in spin-off show Married At First Sight: The First Year, but they have found strength.
The Statistical Probability of Love At First Sight is a sweet, character-driven, romantic comedy with plenty of twists to keep readers engaged and is sure to delight teens from beginning to end.
AT FIRST SIGHT, who finished second to Workforce in the Investec Derby, has been sold out of Ballydoyle and will continue his racing career in Australia, writes Tony O'Hehir.
The company's double bill Slight (Love at First Sight) and Between Here and There will feature many emotions and symbols associated with the heart.
2 : the act of seeing <It was love at first sight.>
It's not the sign of moral corruption that it might seem at first sight. The new policies are touted as a way to make transgender, gay, and lesbian students more comfortabte on campus, and to fight a "hetero-normative" mindset in housing policies.