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He soon began complaining about their dog Jet barking - and they say he played a tape recording of the labrador cross at full blast in the middle of the night through the walls.
Environmental health officials put in a noise-measuring device next door - and Linda's fire-raking was recorded at 84 decibels, louder than a TV at full blast.
Dubai: Motorists who play music at full blast while driving in residential areas will have their vehicles permanently confiscated, Dubai's Police Chief said on Tuesday.
But what really gets her steamed up is that "it's impossible to turn down the radiators which are on at full blast even in mild weather".
One resident said: "The worst problem we had was the travellers putting the radio on at full blast for five minutes and turning it off.
smith was also told to stop playing Tony Christie's Amarillo at full blast in rugeley, staffs.