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We have to be at full pelt all the time and when we are, we can put a performance like that in,' said Jones.
I know when it comes down to it, I can go to war at full pelt for 12 rounds and we'll see if he can match that.
Another painful moment followed when Scotland Under-21 duo Ryan Jack and Peter Pawlett collided at full pelt.
Jefferies will hope that next week's Edinburgh derby will be put to one side but the bandwagon will be rolling at full pelt if they gain a victory today.
03 and if he ever decides to run at full pelt for the whole of the 100m he could take the time to a level of unimaginable proportions.
We need to be at full pelt by the time we play Ajax in our home pre-season game - and we will go into the new Coca-Cola Championship season in good shape.
Vitoria SC chief Manuel Cajuda told his troops to train at a high tempo but soon regretted it when a player crashed into him at full pelt on the sidelines.
Rodriguez directs at full pelt from start to finish but his film runs out of dramatic steam by the end of the first hour, leaving the majority of the overblown action to his feisty, gravity-defying heroine.
Murray, who sustained the injury on the eve of Wolves' play-off semi final of last season, is back working at full pelt with goalkeeping coach Bobby Mimms and the club's other custodians ahead of Saturday's first pre-season friendly at Grays.
PARLIAMENT may have closed down for August -- but those busy bees in the Liberal Democrat party are working at full pelt during these hot, hazy summer days.
Dawn Of The Dead is surprisingly gripping, subverting the conventions of the genre - the zombies don't just shuffle, they run at full pelt after their prey - to crank up the tension.
Today the Baa-Baas face New Zealand, and although many of the All Blacks rookies and reserves will be aiming to impress coach Graham Henry, it is hard to envisage them putting in such a big phsyical showing and the Baa-baas should be able to return to their spirit of expansive play Nick Mallett's invitational side is top-heavy with southern hemisphere stars in need of a rest after a hard international season and they are unlikely to be hitting mauls, rucks, setpieces and tackles at full pelt.