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And which is the convenient end, seems, in my humble opinion to be left to every man's conscience, or at least in the power of the chief magistrate to determine.
Norris was sorry to say that the little girl's staying with them, at least as things then were, was quite out of the question.
We will endeavour to do our duty by her, and she will, at least, have the advantage of companions of her own age, and of a regular instructress."
The truth is, that in all cases a certain number at least seems to be necessary to secure the benefits of free consultation and discussion, and to guard against too easy a combination for improper purposes; as, on the other hand, the number ought at most to be kept within a certain limit, in order to avoid the confusion and intemperance of a multitude.
It will not be thought an extravagant conjecture that the first census will, at the rate of one for every thirty thousand, raise the number of representatives to at least one hundred.
Hence, in every family of position and consideration, "back motion" is as prevalent as time itself; and the husbands and sons in these households enjoy immunity at least from invisible attacks.
In the house of the Working Man or respectable Tradesman -- where the wife is allowed to turn her back upon her husband, while pursuing her household avocations -- there are at least intervals of quiet, when the wife is neither seen nor heard, except for the humming sound of the continuous Peace-cry; but in the homes of the upper classes there is too often no peace.
Yet at least we can admire the wise Prearrangement which has ordained that, as they have no hopes, so they shall have no memory to recall, and no forethought to anticipate, the miseries and humiliations which are at once a necessity of their existence and the basis of the constitution of Flatland.
It was at least certain that Phileas Fogg had not absented himself from London for many years.
computer: processor: number of cores: at least 4; maximum number of threads: at least 4; clock frequency: at least 3.
Key statement: Disclosed herein are rubber compositions comprising at least one elastomer; reinforcing filler comprising carbon black, silica, or a combination thereof; at least one hydrocarbon resin; and at least one plant oil and optionally at least one additional oil, wherein the total amount of reinforcing filler is at least 25% by weight of the rubber composition and the total amount of oil is at least 60 phr and comprises about 15 to about 35% by weight of the rubber composition.
According to police figures, at least 71,499 cases were registered in the category of crime against property from January to October as compared to 66,938 such cases reported by police during the same period last year.