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The increase in political motives inextricably linked to illegal activities at sea demonstrates that a distinction between motives is no longer sustainable in a world where non-state actors are either as powerful or more powerful than some states.
We also had the opportunity to see a few burial at sea ceremonies, an underway replenishment, and helicopter ops.
The Dragon Whales' mission is critical to the Navy's capability of deploying and remaining at sea and on station for months at a time.
The Garden Pavilion is the fourth-floor dining room at Sea View Hospital Rehabilitation Center and Home in Staten Island, N.
The court first examined the district court's findings that (1) the layoffs at Sea Ray were caused by two separate events that occurred in two different plan years (the downturn in the small-boat market in 1989-1990, and the decline in the large-boat business caused by the Federal luxury tax in 1990-1991), (2) because the causes of the layoffs were independent, the percentage decline should be considered separately for each of those years and (3) employees who terminated their employment voluntarily as a result of the company's economic downturn should be excluded from the partial termination calculation, along with employees whose employment terminated as a result of death, disability, retirement or for cause.
Until the 1970s, chemical weapons were also routinely dumped at sea.
In the 1980s, every fishing vessel became a suspect (or "target," in Coast Guard parlance), and heavily armed young Coasties added a new dimension to fishermen's timeless concern about the dangers at sea.
government declared dumping plastics at sea illegal.