at the beginning

See: ab initio
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The two businesses were deemed unitary at the beginning of the next calendar year, with the SBE noting that in the interim the companies had consolidated operational departments, integrated executive staff and centralized production, distribution and their general operation system.
Smartwings, a Czech low-cost airline, will start new services to Heraklion, Palma, Thessalonica and Larnca at the beginning of May 2005.
Under the relevant tax law, the tax consequences of a leasing transaction depend on whether the property to be leased is reasonably expected to have a residual value of 15 percent of its value at the beginning of the lease.
Every word you hear comes from the people represented on stage," a voice announces at the beginning.
I was born in the then Czechoslovakia at the beginning of World War II, subsequently moving to India with my parents and sister after the war as we fled the growing threat of Communism.
This change should simplify compliance with the nondiscrimination tests applicable to 401(k) plans, since employers will know at the beginning of a plan year the amounts that HCEs can defer without violating these rules.
Even though the dollar had previously risen from the historic lows against the yen and the mark recorded in March and April, many market participants still perceived the dollar as undervalued at the beginning of the third quarter, but they remained unsure of factors or conditions that might prompt a sustained upward trend in the dollar's value.
With trading volume on the New York Stock Exchange closing in on 180 million shares a day--nearly double what it had been at the beginning of the bull market--commission income stood at record levels.
Alternatively the partition can be removed at the beginning of the flight when the suite is in seat mode for passengers who wish to socialize during the entire flight.
The questions asked at the beginning of this essay continue to resonate deeply.
John's gospel to the Latin quotations that were bandied about at the beginning of the recent Workshop on Quantum Cosmology, which was held at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in Batavia, Ill.