at the beginning

See: ab initio
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The two businesses were deemed unitary at the beginning of the next calendar year, with the SBE noting that in the interim the companies had consolidated operational departments, integrated executive staff and centralized production, distribution and their general operation system.
Smartwings, a Czech low-cost airline, will start new services to Heraklion, Palma, Thessalonica and Larnca at the beginning of May 2005.
Under the relevant tax law, the tax consequences of a leasing transaction depend on whether the property to be leased is reasonably expected to have a residual value of 15 percent of its value at the beginning of the lease.
Hopefully this list will generate, like the Canada's 10 Best lists at the Toronto International Film Festival in 1984 and 1993 a renewed demand to see these films and will stimulate people to think about them again." And so let us begin at the beginning. Again.
"Every word you hear comes from the people represented on stage," a voice announces at the beginning.
Thoughtful readers will perceive connections among stories in any collection of short fiction; in this instance, however, Bambara--beginning with a focus consistent (if not exclusive) focus on the perspectives of young girls ("Gorilla, My Love," "Raymond's Run"), and progressing toward the final pieces treating more adult issues such as sex and gender relations ("Basement," "Maggie of the Green Bottles," "The Johnson Girls")--invites readers to see a kind of novelistic progression, something absent in the collections examined at the beginning of the course.
At the beginning of most pieces, a "Building Technique" box offers suggestions for preparatory practice exercises to help focus attention on the new musical and technical concepts to be introduced.
When the change in MVA is standardized as a percentage of capital at the beginning of the CEO's tenure, Schulze emerges as the most efficient wealth creator among retailing CEOs, and 18th overall.
I was born in the then Czechoslovakia at the beginning of World War II, subsequently moving to India with my parents and sister after the war as we fled the growing threat of Communism.
As for the other selected resident care indicator, the facility had demonstrated a decrease in occurrences of significant weight change from 30% at the beginning of 1997 to 4% at year-end 1998.
Her grandfather, who was in the Navy at the beginning of World War II, was on a train from California to Kansas when it was derailed, keeping her grandmother and all the guests "waiting at the altar" for nine hours in the hot Kansas sun.
(A similar change is made with respect to the ACP Test.) This change should simplify compliance with the nondiscrimination tests applicable to 401(k) plans, since employers will know at the beginning of a plan year the amounts that HCEs can defer without violating these rules.