at the edge

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Laurel Networks is leading the creation of The New Service Delivery Architecture to enable profitable delivery of data and IP services at the edge of carrier IP/MPLS networks.
The MRX is designed to meet the multi-service requirements at the edge of service provider networks by integrating carrier-class IP routing, native ATM switching, Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) and IP services in a single platform, with capacity scaling from 40 Gbps to 320 Gbps.
Because Zack's servers sit at the edge of the network -- the point in the Internet closest to the end user -- Zack has the ability to add value to Web traffic without client-side downloads.
By delivering value-added applications at the edge -- the point in the Internet closest to the end user -- Zack enables its customers to develop a more Personalized, Persistent, Productive and Profitable relationship with end users.
With the growth in market size and evolution of switching and routing products, it has become important to track developments in the core and at the edge of the network separately," remarks Tracey Vanik, Director of Edge Switching & Routing at RHK.
Additionally, volume shipment of IP services systems from CoSine, Ennovate, Nortel (Shasta) and Spring Tide will reshape the market at the edge.
the industry's leader in enabling service providers to offer transparent LAN service, and BC TEL Advanced Communications, the first commercial ATM-based service provider in North America, today announced that BC TEL will install NetEdge's EDGE multiservice access concentrators at the edge of its core ATM switching network.
The EDGE multiservice access concentrators, which will sit at the edge of BC TEL's ATM network will provide frame to cell conversion, traffic management, LAN bridging and other functions to create the appearance that all LANs are connected to a single LAN segment.