at the last stage

References in classic literature ?
We are now, reader, arrived at the last stage of our long journey.
Baggs left off snoring, and we arrived at the last stage before the coach stopped.
Responding to questions, he said that eye disease was rapidly increasing among the masses while most of the people approach eye specialists and physicians at the last stage due to lack of awareness.
To a question, he said cancer was common in dogs, however, it was curable but often owners of pets brought them at the at the last stage.
At the last stage FGC will increase its stake in MRSK Holding to 100%.
It is thought the fish, which are healthy, were washed into the tank - used at the last stage of treatment - when a nearby stream burst its banks.
The proposal, starting with forestry in 2008 and adding the agriculture and waste sectors at the last stage in 2013, will "substantially" and "cost effectively" reduce the nation's greenhouse gas emission levels, said Climate Change Issues Minister David Parker.
ISLAMABAD: The research fellows and medical experts of Mauroof International Hospital on Saturday said that mostly 30 per cent patients of Hepatitis 'B' and 'C' die at the last stage.