at the point of death

References in classic literature ?
A MAN lying at the point of death called his wife to his bedside and said:
I was thinking this over when there came ringing over the island the cry of a man at the point of death.
You won't mind business for an hour or two in a case of this sort, when your friend is at the point of death.
The clamour of our excitement had died out, and our living ship, famous for never losing steerage way as long as there was air enough to float a feather, stole, without a ripple, silent and white as a ghost, towards her mutilated and wounded sister, come upon at the point of death in the sunlit haze of a calm day at sea.
I obeyed the influence, and discovered it to proceed from the mercy of God to three young children who were destitute of all succour, and at the point of death.
Yes," said the king, replying pointedly to the superintendent of finances, "yes, at the point of death, monsieur le cardinal makes me a donation of all his wealth.
If Gilbert Clennam, reduced to imbecility, at the point of death, and labouring under the delusion of some imaginary relenting towards a girl of whom he had heard that his nephew had once had a fancy for her which he had crushed out of him, and that she afterwards drooped away into melancholy and withdrawal from all who knew her--if, in that state of weakness, he dictated to me, whose life she had darkened with her sin, and who had been appointed to know her wickedness from her own hand and her own lips, a bequest meant as a recompense to her for supposed unmerited suffering; was there no difference between my spurning that injustice, and coveting mere money--a thing which you, and your comrades in the prisons, may steal from anyone?
Wealth is personal and people tend to want to control its distribution even at the point of death.
Caesarean section was occasionally performed to rescue a particularly valued child if the mother was already at the point of death.
He came across a young lad at the point of death begging to be shot, but before Harry could draw his revolver the lad died, muttering the word 'mother.
Author of the international bestseller Life After Life, written while he was still in medical school, Moody, who coined the now-familiar term "near-death experience" (NDE), became the first doctor to extensively study and record what happens at the point of death and beyond.
In April 1923 he wrote to Murry that "Vivien was very ill indeed in fact for hours at the point of death.