at the start

See: ab initio
References in classic literature ?
"Did you see me at the start? I almost ran over the pigeon.
If I couldn't drop him at the start, all I'd do is to keep away, smother up, an' wait.
At the start of the mixing it is important to bring all the material into the chamber in as short a time as possible and break up all the material into smaller parts.
1 difference between good hitters and poor hitters is the location of the hands and weight at the start of the swing.
Timing includes the proper delay at the start of the swing.
The delay at the start of the swing is different for inside and outside pitches.
But having all of your registrations, certifications, licenses and insurance in place at the start actually makes it easier for you to access opportunities.
It is absolutely essential for the putter to establish the proper balance at the start of the throw.
Beginners often tend to be overaggressive with the upper body at the start. This becomes clearly visible whenever the athlete clears with his left arm and dives into the center with his left shoulder.