at the start

See: ab initio
References in classic literature ?
If I couldn't drop him at the start, all I'd do is to keep away, smother up, an' wait.
The 21-year-old Venezuelan native has gone from being an underachieving staff ace at the start of the season to arguably the JetHawks' most improved player over the past month, during which time he's made a strong push for the Game 2 start.
1 difference between good hitters and poor hitters is the location of the hands and weight at the start of the swing.
Timing includes the proper delay at the start of the swing.
Brown passed every test despite a minor illness that limited his effectiveness at the start of the spring.
Everybody talks about the `old Kevin Brown,' '' Colborn said, ``but he has pitched better than I've ever seen him, and we could have never predicted that at the start of the season.