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Having booked their place in the quarter-final of the Clarence Cup at the weekend, Downpatrick can now set about eating into that 12-game deficit they have to pull back from Newington at the top of the heap.
Pinot Noir remained at the top of the heap in almost all statistical categories, among at least 20 varieties grown in Oregon.
Greed at the top of the heap shovelled misery on us bums at the bottom.
Richard Franklin, RICS West Midlands spokesperson and commercial director at Persimmon Homes, said: "The survey illustrates a cooling in the market locally, where a number of factors are underlying the findings - with affordability at the top of the heap.
Actually if considered a medium bore it would be at the top of the heap.
This one's been consistently at the top of the heap since I've been seeing it, and could very well stand as an example to others if they gave half a shit, took their thumbs out of their asses, and stopped picking their noses for five minutes.