at variance with the facts

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He added: "You have also issued tweets in which you have made baseless allegations against me which are at variance with the facts.
This seems at variance with the facts. Last winter when the Somerset Plains flooded, the Communities Secretary, Eric Pickles, admitted (February 9, 2015) that they had "made a mistake" in not dredging the rivers.
This was totally unfair and at variance with the facts...
48) and the author's provocative attitude, although at variance with the facts and Irish public opinion generally, is best left to speak for itself:
Certainly managing director Paul Cosh is quick to distance the brokers themselves from this shocking prejudice, stating categorically that it is at variance with the facts.
His attempt to portray the ACW as a body that has resisted all attempts to make the arts more accessible is at variance with the facts, and his determination to oust Geraint Talfan Davies seems to have been motivated by little more than political spite because he was appointed by a Liberal Democrat Minister.
Nobody ever reads a set of statistics without a suspicion that they have been somehow slanted to convey an impression that is at variance with the facts. Those, like myself, who have no grasp of mathematics, tend to assume that there is a lie in there somewhere, and choose to ignore them.
This is so at variance with the facts, which the general public know well, that I can only imagine that she was thinking about the miners' strike.
It is not however possible for me to remain silent when the grounds given for the removal of these horses from my yard - namely that I was failing 'to put in place the measures necessary to protect the Aga Khan from the risk of a further failure of a horse owned by him to compete within the Rules of Racing' - are so fundamentally and misleadingly at variance with the facts."
The trouble with such views is that they are at variance with the facts.
Molina's letter, says Abrams, "would appear to be at variance with the facts as they are known to both the United States and the Colombian government.'