at whatever time

See: whenever
References in classic literature ?
On hearing this Merlin said, "That will not do, for the lashes worthy Sancho has to receive must be given of his own free will and not by force, and at whatever time he pleases, for there is no fixed limit assigned to him; but it is permitted him, if he likes to commute by half the pain of this whipping, to let them be given by the hand of another, though it may be somewhat weighty.
At whatever time he wrote his version of Aesop, by some strange accident it seems to have entirely disappeared, and to have been lost sight of.
As for his direct family, one astounding clause expressly stated that Wade Atsheler was to dispense to Eben Hale's wife and sons and daughters whatever moneys his judgement dictated, at whatever times he deemed advisable.
When it comes to a medication's effectiveness, convenience matters: If someone can run out to the drug store at whatever time of day is best for her, she's less likely to miss doses.
These laws, finalised under a Conservative-led Government, mean whichever party is in power at whatever time can easily update the law without going through the whole parliamentary process to do so.
The Refresh Program is created for users to save time by having the Kaleidoscope team add new content to their display at whatever time they like.
I was waking up at whatever time and watching repeats of Friends in my pyjamas all day, every day.
Ecclestone told Hello Magazine that she hasn't bought any maternity clothes and is just wearing her stretchy garments, asserting that it's been her favorite thing during her pregnancy to come home at whatever time of day and change into her PJs.
SexyBack star Justin (right) is so keen to get involved with Amy he's offered to fly out to St Lucia to meet her at her own studio at whatever time suits her.
Women should feel at liberty to walk around their own communities at whatever time of day, wearing whatever they want to, without the fear of being raped or assaulted.
At whatever time the deed took place - Macavity wasn't there.
We are all too complacent about food in this country because we can buy whatever we want from whatever country, at whatever time of the day or night, often for very little money.