at work

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Having good relationships at work was so important to Greta and other women that they put up with low status and unprofessional treatment in order to maintain peace.
The truth is that most employees with access to the Internet (that is, office-based knowledge workers) are putting in hours at work that exceed the standard 40-hour workweek.
I take on more and more at work because no one will do it.
Everley, "Shift Work and Health," Health and Safety at Work, September 1992, 40-41.
Although there are occasional references to physical proximity at work that defiled young working women, the metaphors are of vague contagions rather than direct physical contact.
The fearful counselor had her concerns discounted at work and, after three months of anxiety and depression, confided to a friend.
People are spending more and more time at work, often out of fear.
orientation and mobility techniques used at work for community travel.