at work

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Having good relationships at work was so important to Greta and other women that they put up with low status and unprofessional treatment in order to maintain peace.
A pervasive strand of thinking in Men at Work, inspired by Robert Connell's pathbreaking Masculinities, distinguishes between expressions of masculinity by considering male motivations of heroism, hegemony, subversion, etc.
Local union leaders who have been frustrated about how to reach workers who do not have access to e-mail and the Web at home or at work could spread information to workers on how to use their neighborhood library as a community technology center.
The truth is that most employees with access to the Internet (that is, office-based knowledge workers) are putting in hours at work that exceed the standard 40-hour workweek.
* I take on more and more at work because no one will do it.
Homicide while at work. Differences in workplace homicides by sex, 1993.
Stress and well being at work: Assessments and interventions for occupational mental health.
At work, I'm running to get all my work done in three days.
For many people, the priority placed on roles outside of work may positively affirm the greater psychological salience of these commitments, rather than represent compensation for what is missing at work. This possibility is particularly likely when these extrawork commitments are rooted in nondominant cultural values (e.g., Morgan, Guy, & Cellini, 1986).
The existence of competing types of social work in settlement houses, industrial unions, and hospitals between 1890 and 1920, the contested definitions of "professional," and the attempts to recast social workers' public images revealed the politics of identity and middle-class formation at work. Walkowitz argues, for instance, that debates raged around whether social workers should serve as advocates for the poor or neutral observers attempting to solve a problem.
The fearful counselor had her concerns discounted at work and, after three months of anxiety and depression, confided to a friend.
But should we be preaching at work, in a pluralistic environment of many religions and no religion?