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A new Ivey Business School study reveals that mobile and at-home workers are just as productive as their office-based colleagues and they re happier.
The researchers said one of the most striking demographic differences between at-home mothers and working mothers is their economic well-being, with about 34 percent of at-home mothers living in poverty, compared with 12 percent of working mothers.
At-home monitoring systems for pets are very different than at-home monitoring systems for humans and should not be used interchangeably.
The at-home model gives companies a much wider candidate pool from which to hire, since location is no longer an issue," blogs Lynn Weil, manager of field marketing at inContact.
Nail care is an important part of today's beauty ritual, but some preferences differ between the at-home crowd and the salon-goers.
8220;We see this partnership as a vehicle to educate our customers about LED light therapy, as well as a great way to enhance our customers' in-studio experience by providing an advanced treatment with an at-home option for maintenance in-between appointments,” says Kimara Ahnert, owner and namesake of the Kimara Ahnert Makeup & Skincare Studio.
The new at-home hydrogen fuelling centre was developed by Los Angeles R&D centre and will help in the expansion of hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles.
The sensitivity of at-home monitoring proved to be 91%, and its specificity was 83%, compared with PSG.
In the future, it is likely that a life insurance applicant will be told to go to the local pharmacy and pick up a kit that contains an at-home general insurance test, which will be submitted to the insurance company.
Food at-home expenditures in 2000 increased at a faster rate than away-from-home expenditures advancing 4.
Bethany Terrace Administrator Ken Kolich says, "We are now offering our expertise and assistance to members of the community exploring at-home care options.