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Nail care is an important part of today's beauty ritual, but some preferences differ between the at-home crowd and the salon-goers.
8220;We see this partnership as a vehicle to educate our customers about LED light therapy, as well as a great way to enhance our customers' in-studio experience by providing an advanced treatment with an at-home option for maintenance in-between appointments,” says Kimara Ahnert, owner and namesake of the Kimara Ahnert Makeup & Skincare Studio.
reports that its Sally Hansen Salon Effects, which makes it simple for at-home users to replicate the intricate designs offered in nail salons, has more than doubled in sales in less than two years.
At-home microdermabrasion kits can improve the clarity and texture of skin and, when used regularly, can even out skin tone and enhance absorption of antiaging ingredients, the web site points out.
Geno Merli, acting chairman of the department of medicine at Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, said that he always requires his patients who use the at-home prothrombin monitor to call in.
At least 50% of the women who use the Sperm Bank of California perform at-home inseminations, according to Riordan.
The rollout of our consumer at-home teeth whitening kit includes establishing distribution channels, such as hair salons, nail salons, tanning salons, health clubs, medi-spas, spas and other retailers.
However, there are two primary problems that prevent many companies from taking this step --management of the at-home employee and security.