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Both of the statements agree that proper informed consent is imperative and that alternate treatment be considered, especially in the at-risk population.
The students' overall role was to assess the agency's need for a nursing presence and to develop a plan to meet the health care needs of the at-risk population.
Concerned about this emerging epidemic, Medicare has initiated a series of pilot programs aimed at identifying at-risk populations, performing screening tests, and improving communication about CKD between providers and between providers and their patients.
Bad news The first large test of an AIDS vaccine failed to shield an at-risk population (163: 133), and a combination of drugs that researchers anticipated would work well against HIV failed to stop the virus reliably (164: 222).
These families are our most at-risk population, because the traditional breadwinner has been taken out of the picture," said the Deputy Director of Education Services.
This is an at-risk population and they need to have the best foods," argues BrightSpirit, a mother of six, who recently dropped out of WIC, although she still qualifies financially.
We need to determine the optimal dose of 2009 H1N1 influenza vaccine that can be safely administered to this at-risk population and whether one or two doses arc needed.
Topics include the impact of illicit drug policies on the HIV epidemic, HIV/AIDS in prison; developments in HIV therapy, the role of civil society in treatment and control, how European health systems have reacted to AIDS, the impact of population movement, the economics and politics of antiretroviral drugs in transition countries, and female migrant workers as an at-risk population.
VL is the most severe clinical form within the leishmaniasis complex, which is endemic in 88 countries with an at-risk population of approximately 350 million (1).
This consultancy mirrors the result 2 mentioned above while contributing to the main outcomes of the overall project which focus on 3 main axes that include: implementing psychosocial activities targeting the most at-risk population, identifying specialized care for persons in need and defining a simple referral system.
And if numbers of people with impaired glucose tolerance, or prediabetes, are added to that sum, the at-risk population swells to 800 million by 2025, he said.
The Company intends to engage in local development in hopes of bringing Mexico's at-risk population increased access to life saving and cost effective technologies.