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ATHEIST. One who denies the existence of God.
     2. As atheists have not any religion that can bind their consciences to speak the truth, they are excluded from being witnesses. Bull. N. P. 292; 1 Atk. 40; Gilb. Ev. 129; 1 Phil. Ev. 19. See also, Co. Litt. 6 b.; 2 Inst. 606; 3 Inst. 165; Willes, R. 451 Hawk. B. 2, c. 46, s. 148; 2 Hale's P. C. 279.

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Issues he deals with include: the historical accuracy of the New Testament; the role of the Church in propagating and preserving the Faith; the human obstacles to belief (paramount among these is Pride, the belief in merely human self-sufficiency and the refusal to subscribe to an absolute moral code limiting a hedonistic "freedom"); the arrogance and narrowness of atheistical scientists; the dangers of dabbling in the occult; etc.
Materialism of this kind was heterodox, at best--a sure marker of atheistical thought--which is perhaps why Donne expressed it in one of the witty "Paradoxes" that he later nervously characterized in a letter to his friend Henry Goodyer as "nothings" (1990, 64).
The God Delusion are really very bad, not because they draw atheistical conclusions, but because they show no metaphysical or historical understanding of the doctrines they oppose' (188-9).
that they will make no great progress in their atheistical designs.
It is largely free of the atheistical cage-rattling that marked The God Delusion (although the notes do include George W Bush's death penalty record and a complete Monty Python song that starts 'All things dull and ugly/ All creatures short and squat/ All things rude and nasty/ The Lord God made the lot').
It helped that he found the modern natural rights philosophy atheistical, arguing that it "affects to treat men as though their existence were underived, and independent of any supreme being.
Roman Catholics acknowledge the authority of the Pope, and we atheistical libertarians recognize that they do.
The notion that Marlowe's writing is atheistical is a long-standing one; the counter-argument that it is religiously normative is almost as familiar.
Applying scepticism to atheistical arguments may help us to ascertain this point with some precision.
In my case, though, this dark-haired initiation into religious worship was offset by secular devotions orchestrated by nay father, an atheistical romance languages professor who pressed Baudelaire on his son right about the time of my first holy communion.
The confidence man inveighs against the atheistical science of his day, priding himself on his piety and his complicity with nature.
Any religious doctrine that has multiplicity as its basis and its end is an atheistical creed by nature.