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You may need stronger, prescription medications if your athlete's foot persists after a few weeks or frequently recurs.
Apply antifungal creams to your feet periodically to slow the growth of athlete's foot fungus (which can then invade the nails).
Although Athlete's Foot is contagious, some people are more likely to get it (susceptible) than others.
The key driver of the sales growth at its Athlete's Foot brand was an upgrade of many shops to larger premises, which were able to offer a broader range of footwear.
In most cases, once diagnosed, athlete's foot can be dealt with relatively quickly and easily using a recommended anti-fungal cream, several of which are available without prescription.
Over-the-counter medications remain a favored method of treating both athlete's foot and toenail infections.
This bug likes moist damp areas and causes athlete's foot and jock itch.
ATHIS sounds like juvenile plantar dermatitis rather than athlete's foot.
If this isn't able to evaporate away then fungi like athlete's foot thrive and bacteria on the skin feed on the sweat, all resulting in a cheesy pong.
Many shoe, sandal, and flip-flop wearers think an individual can catch athlete's foot by going barefoot.