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The athletic trainer holds the authority position in the athletic training room just as the coach in the athletic environment.
Assessment: Each chapter begins with a topical outline that incorporates the chapter's learning objectives and listing knowledge and skills from the specific Athletic Training Educational Competencies that are addressed.
Its athletic training education program is a four-year curriculum and is nationally accredited by CAATE.
The fourth updated edition of Management Strategies in Athletic Training is a recommendation for professional athletic trainers and sports collections catering to them.
The new academic center and athletic training complex will serve a dual purpose by becoming the new home of the emerging Health Sciences program and also serving as a care and treatment center for Franklin Pierce student-athletes.
Much like dance as a profession, modern day athletic training can be traced to ancient Greek civilizations; with the birth of organized sport came the need for sport-specific healthcare practitioners to prevent and care for injuries.
Surfaces within the athletic training setting, when not appropriately disinfected, could possibly be reservoirs of CA-MRSA for the local community.
Applicants should write a 75-word essay about how they include milk into their everyday life and athletic training.
Clinical instruction is a vital component of the education process for both radiologic technology and athletic training students.
Moore's new Wilton location will feature a custom-built athletic training facility along side its physical therapy and wellness facility.
Forty-four states have some kind of governmental regulation of the athletic training profession.
Santa Clarita Valley Special Olympics provides year-round athletic training in a variety of sports to the mentally disabled, 8 and older.