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Many of those same critics had also originally warned that the legislation could run athwart of the training requirements found in collective-bargaining agreements reached between construction unions and contractors.
Specifically, he quite forthrightly tackles Pakistan's vehement claims that India has sought to foment separatism in the troubled Pakistani province of Balochistan that lies athwart Afghanistan.
Thus, at a time when the whole world is China's oyster, India is the only Asian country standing athwart China's march to glory and greatness.
Elegies encompassing athwart seventy pages tempt The Reader with a multiplicity of profoundly felt verses penned regarding a comprehensive melange of the author's preferred subjects.
Buckley's definition of a conservative as someone who "stands athwart history, yelling Stop." Using Buckley's definition, we can immediately see the problem in the LCM scholarship.
And this was a self-styled 'caliphate' that in its heyday seemed to project efficient determination, and that attracted into its orbit deluded youngsters from lands far and wide who, lacking intellectual heft and a penetrative grasp of what they were getting themselves into, thought they were witnessing the rise of a powerful social movement, a movement that would resurrect the golden age of "true Islam", when Muslims were masters of their destiny, sitting athwart history, not importunate scarecrows, mendicants at the door of Western overlords.
When the allele marker frequency was 0.5/0.5, after athwart cross for 5 generations, introgression QTL frequencies still reached 0.9629.
Buckley famously wrote that the conservative is someone who "stands athwart history, yelling Stop." But the conservative is seldom more than a stop light, destined to turn green if one waits out the red, that emotion which inevitably wanes.
The deep waters of the South China Basin between the Spratly and also-disputed Paracel Islands lie athwart the most direct shipping lane between northeast Asia's industrial hubs of China, Japan and South Korea, the cola and iron ore exporters of northern Australia as well as Europe and the Middle East.
Carson, research professor of New Testament at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, clearly accesses the value of this volume, saying, "It is the theme of the book as a whole that is compelling, for it stands athwart twin monsters of our age--anemic theological sentimentality on the one hand, and bad-tempered ignorant dogmatism on the other--and cries 'Stop!' by showing a better way."
By now, his sunglasses lay weird athwart the bridge of his nose, revealing a disturbing sight: with the muscles of his left cheek twitching furiously, his eyes appeared to be spinning horizontally in their sockets, as with a terrible rictus-like grin, he spoke in a parched, cracked voice.
That would be a feather in the cap of Iran's Lebanese proxy, as the first Arab border crossing to fall to a Hizbullah force outside Lebanon, and one, moreover, located athwart a main regional water source, the Yarmouk River.