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By athwart cross, introgression QTL frequency showed an upward trend with the increase of athwart cross generation.
A product of his times who did not stand athwart its trends, he seldom used force and came to realize that his ideology was an obstacle to negotiations with the Soviet Union.
These upgrade holdouts have different reasons for standing athwart techno-progress, yelling "Stop
Unbecoming alliances or connections occur in works that insist on their self-abandoning efforts: in Rauschenberg's erasure of a de Kooning drawing, modes of impersonal attraction occur alongside, athwart, or adjacent to erasing/drawing.
Or, while standing athwart the prow of the Leakin' Lena in a Force 9 Gale.
John's, depicted in The Story of Bobby O'Malley, The Divine Ryans, The Colony of Unrequited Dreams, The Navigator of New York, and elsewhere, is "a bit athwart of the real thing" (153).
Once ensconced in Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal administration, however, Progressives shifted their focus to the federal level, yet here too the Supreme Court stood mostly athwart their efforts.
Those of us accused of being greedy and cruel for standing athwart the advance of liberalism and expansion of the welfare state, do have things to say, then, in response to the empathy crusaders.
Now, with his ''Saving Congress from Itself: Emancipating the States and Empowering Their People,'' he continues the family tradition of standing athwart destructive tendencies shouting ''Stop
Novelist and columnist Paul Gallic[degrees] shared the following thoughts in his column "Thinking Aloud" in The Milwaukee Sentinel: "I just can't put my finger on it, but the aspect of little Elaine perched athwart a defunct mastodon, cuddling an express rifle and smiling in childish glee, depresses me.
The fragile traces of what is not yet even truly past--what Walter Benjamin has called the "rags" of history; Mohaiemen's own image is that of an "exploded" history book--sit athwart the ideologically cohesive constructions of history imposed by each ruling faction through official textbooks, only to be rewritten with the next change of power.
Pantuns in the original Malay Are quatrains of two thoughts, but of one mind Athwart my two pontoons I sail away.