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Seismologists have assumed that faults would not budge unless stresses jumped or dropped by more than 100 millibars, yet the variations in atmospheric pressure are only one-tenth that figure, say Gao and Silver.
Atmospheric pressure plasmas allow for rapid decontamination of clothing, equipment and personal gear in military settings, for sterilization of medical equipment and food in commercial settings.
For every drop in atmospheric pressure of 10 millibars, the risk of DVT rose two per cent.
Even so, the predicted drop in atmospheric pressure will create conditions conducive to rain.
5 % HR % -- -- Atmospheric Pressure (mbar) -- -- Digital System UNITS SENSITIVITY ACCURACY P (bar) 0.
To enable a fast, highly sensitive chemical detection in a prolonged operation, Hitachi has developed the system that ionizes chemicals in a target gas at an atmospheric pressure and measures the mass.
The typhoon had an atmospheric pressure of 950 hectopascals and was packing winds of up to 144 kph near its center.
Parts are placed in a quartz glass container that is used to contain the plasma at atmospheric pressure once the container has been purged of air through the introduction of argon.
It had an atmospheric pressure of 915 hectopascals, packing winds of up to 198 kph near its center, the agency said.
However, when Gregoryanz and his colleagues raised the pressure on solid sodium beyond 30 gigapascals--300,000 times atmospheric pressure at sea level--the metal's melting temperature began to drop.
We call them pressure-equalizing tubes because they allow atmospheric pressure changes to be balanced across the tympanic membrane when the eustachian tube is blocked.

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