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noun account, accounting, aggregate, collection, complement, count, decimal, degree, estimate, exponent, figure, integer, integral, multitude, overall amount, overall quantity, quantity, score, sum, tally, total
Associated concepts: gaming
See also: amount, calculate, comprise, contain, enumerate, itemize, quantity, quota

INDEFINITE, NUMBER. A number which may be increased or diminished at pleasure.
     2. When a corporation is composed of an indefinite number of persons, any number of them consisting of a majority of those present may do any act unless it be otherwise regulated by the charter or by-laws. See Definite number.

NUMBER. A collection of units.
     2. In pleading, numbers must be stated truly, when alleged in the recital of a record, written instrument, or express contract. Lawes' PI. 48; 4 T. R. 314; Cro. Car. 262; Dougl. 669; 2 Bl. Rep. 1104. But in other cases, it is not in general requisite that they should be truly stated, because they are not required to be strictly proved. If, for example, in an action of trespass the plaintiff proves the wrongful taking away of any part of the goods duly described in his declaration, he is entitled to recover pro tanto. Bac. Ab. Trespass, I 2 Lawes' PI. 48.
     3. And sometimes, when the subject to be described is supposed to comprehend a multiplicity of particulars, a general description is sufficient. A declaration in trover alleging the conversion of "a library of books"' without stating their number, titles, or quality, was held 'to be sufficiently certain; 3 Bulst. 31; Carth. 110; Bac. Ab. Trover, F 1; and in an action for the loss of goods, by burning the plaintiff's house, the articles may be described by the simple denomination of "goods" or "divers goods." 1 Keb. 825; Plowd. 85, 118, 123; Cro. Eliz. 837; 1 H. Bl. 284.

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Students are asked to contemplate the relationship between an element's atomic number and its number of electron layers.
1]) plotted against the Ln(Z) where Z is the associated atomic number for the valid s1 shell.
Most of the elements measured for plastics formulations have lower atomic numbers, for which the low-powered x-ray tubes do a good job," concedes Azucema Overman, product manager at Asoma Instruments.
There is only one element whose atomic number is equal to its calculated sum.
From which scientist does the element with the atomic number 99 take its name?
Based solely on lawrencium's atomic number, chemists expect that its outermost electrons will be in 5f, 6d and 7s orbitals.
Washington, Aug 28 ( ANI ): A team of researchers, led by physicists from Lund University, have confirmed the existence of what is considered a new element with atomic number 115.
International researchers led by Lund University conducted an experiment to prove the existence of the element, which has been given the atomic number 115, at the GSI Helmholtz Centre for Heavy Ion Research facility in Germany.
Each Atomic Number represents a Periodic Table that is governed by either an Electron or Proton being dominant.
Those elements may combine with the element boron (a metalloid chemical element with atomic number 5 and the chemical symbol B).
A nuclide is that version of an atom defined by its mass number (A = Z + N), its atomic number (Z) and a power condition of its nucleus.