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Atomicity of transaction: All the data that is generated here through the parallel processing stream archive is automatically consistent with respect to unit of work into the underlying base stream.
In the era of networked media, reflexivity, and late modernity, it behooves us to think beyond these two terms that have long defined how we understand individual autonomy and dependence, identity and belonging, atomicity and connection.
Under the Newtonian perspective, change management sees an organization from the perspective of atomicity, with emphasis on separate working parts.
Not to worry, one does not have to wait long to depart from this baseline atomicity, since "[t]he next simplest [facts] would be those in which you have a relation between two facts, such as: 'This is to the left of that'" (ibid.
A more elaborate treatment of the relevant phenomenon is at stake, where a) phonological atomicity is not a sufficient condition for wh-head movement to apply, although the atomicity of the units accommodated in a head position reflects their semantic composition; b) the [wh]-feature for which a wh-expression is lexically specified is more felicitously treated as a denotational deficiency, crucially an underspecification; c) this renders a wh-expression referentially dependent on discourse.
We have implemented a relational database management system that meets non-redundancy, integrity, consistency, atomicity restrictions.
Atomicity of updates--land database often left in an inconsistent state with partial updates being carried out.
Rosca and Wang (2007) proposed WIFA, which is designed for inter-organizational workflow modelling and verification of incident command systems; however, while incidents do happen, what should be done to preserve the atomicity of the workflow execution, despite the failure of one of the partners, still needs to be determined.
Individual paper topics include detecting atomicity errors in message passing programs, parallel database join operations in heterogeneous grids, and optimal routing in binomial graph networks.
Prefaced with a treatment of "auspicious performance" (mangala), it is divided into the following sections: knowing veridicality, production of veridical cognition, characterizing veridical awareness, perceptual presentation of something as other than what it is, characterizing perception, sensory connection, inherence, non-cognition, absence, the connection of the sense object and light, the perceptibility of air, the fiery character of gold, the mind's atomicity, apperception, indeterminate perception, qualifiers versus indicators, and, finally, determinate perception.
Shamsi, "Ibn Sina's Argument against Atomicity of Space/Time" in Islamic Studies, 23 (1984), 83-102.