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The higher the water pressure used in the atomisation process, the finer the granules or powders.
The new mid-size spray guns are available with a choice of three types of atomisation technologies.
First of all there is no atomisation of projects and they are consistent with EU's current development assistance.
Combination of experiments (outgoing phase) with cfd simulations (return phase) of the in-nozzle flow, Fuel atomisation and mixing processes under such conditions form the core subject of the proposed research.
AP&C uses proprietary Plasma Atomisation technology to produce metal powders where titanium alloy powder is currently the largest product.
The atomisation lines at their Wednesbury plant have the capacity to produce in excess of 3,000 tonnes per annum of Nickel, Cobalt and Stainless Steel powders for the thermal spray, surface coating and welding industries.
The new atomising spray nozzles from Lee Products generate a precise 50[degrees] hollow cone spray pattern to ensure controlled atomisation in a very compact package.
The new process relies on atomisation by inert gases and gives a ninety-seven per cent yield suitable for military applications.