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While production capacity of aluminium powder has risen internationally, there have been no new players in the atomiser industry
5% water agar at the base in open Petri plates placed on a large tray were exposed to the spray of each conidial suspension simultaneously from a hand held atomiser.
The robot has the longest reach in its class with excellent path accuracy and is combined with the ABB RB1000 electrostatic bell atomiser to achieve an even distribution of paint over the surface of the car, achieving consistent high finish quality and minimising the amount of paint required.
tendent a atomiser le propos ; de meme, l'abondance de notions et de concepts utilises ainsi que l'organisation parfois peu justifiee des chapitres, peuvent derouter le lecteur.
Keep your signature scent on you wherever you are in the world with the Travalo lipstick-sized atomiser, pounds 9.
Alors que le marchandage electoral a tendance a atomiser les enjeux et les groupes, la creation d'une vision a le potentiel--par l'invitation de la population locale a s'engager dans le diagnostic, la formulation et la mise en oeuvre--, de creer une vision territoriale plus systemique.
He has previously poured it into an atomiser and breathed it in to treat a chest infection.
For that reason, a silicone oil atomiser, purposely made for LDV measurements, was used; it can produce droplet sizes in the range of up to 1 to 2 mm.
He used only a cheap perfume atomiser, some collodion, and hemoglobin borrowed from a lab.
He was eight years old and learned that the consumption of fish and chips demanded the presence of an aura of onion vinegar' he achieved this by filling an atomiser with the liquor from a jar of pickled onions and spraying it around.
3 wavelength (nm) High voltage of 270 323 photomultiplier (V) Atomiser temp.