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(16-18) Solutions with high extensional viscosities will resist the ligament breakup resulting in poorer atomization and sprayability.
More quantifiable information about the spray could cause some theories about the fuel's atomization to be revisited, he said.
These are the spray angle, spray width, jet breakup length, spray tip penetration, and the atomization quality including the spatial and temporal distribution of droplet velocities and sizes.
NNL scientist Jeremy Edwards said the atomization technology "offers a game-changing delivery mechanism for reagents, fixatives and decontaminants."
Advanced Atomization Technologies will be located in the Parker Gas Turbine Fuel Systems Division facility in Clyde, New York.
(2002) quantified the decrease in power consumption (approximately 28%) associated with the atomization of water in air reciprocating compressors.
Graziadio; Design and Characterization ofTwinFluid Y-jet Atomizers, Atomization and Sprays 2, 45 (1992).
To quantitatively analyze the atomization process by ultrasonic vibration, Lang (6) proposed a relationship to predict the size of atomized droplets, where the density and surface tension of liquid were considered as major material parameters.
Ideally, it is desirable to have a solvent that allows a low viscosity for the best atomization, yet evaporates quickly, preventing low viscosity on the substrate.
A host of factors influence the design and quality of the process and product including feed solution, atomization and process temperatures.
Mach number is one of the critical parameter in the gas atomization process.
The new atomizing spray nozzles from Lee Products generate a precise 50[degrees] hollow cone spray pattern to ensure controlled atomization in a very compact package.