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The Victaulic Vortex system uses a supersonic jet stream of nitrogen to atomize a low-pressure stream of water into droplets less than 10 pm wide.
TURBO 3000D VADA provides the fuel injector with an efficient delivery of fuel which minimizes the effects of temperature, viscosity and rapid load change factors that can cause fuel to stream rather than atomize when exiting the fuel injector.
Most permanent mold foundries use compressed air spray guns at reduced pressure (about 30 psi) to atomize the slurry as droplets of 100-200 micrometers ([micro]) in diameter.
Fear is a highly individual emotion, and it appears to atomize black people in the rural setting.
Company's Mistcoater is a totally enclosed machine that utilizes spinning disks to atomize liquid and apply it to a cascading dry product.
This large generation is just as likely to atomize or lurch further to the right as it is to provide the driving force for a new venture in liberalism.