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Based on application, the atomized nickel powder market is segmented into:
This breaks the fluid stream into small particles creating the atomized cloud.
Atomized Labs recently announced plans to double the size of its cGMP manufacturing facility located in Beulaville, NC during the second quarter of 2014.
As they are atomized, the water droplets are evenly mixed with the nitrogen molecules and discharged into the hazard space in homogeneous suspension.
The air atomized jet fluxer had the highest air velocity as well as good uniformity, and would be expected to be the best performer.
"The engine washing process is a closed-loop, environmentally friendly system that uses atomized water to wash aircraft engines," P&W said in a statement.
According to Schoell, the flat-plate condenser "looks like a set of stacked record albums where air goes around the outside of the discs while the vapor on the inside is spun." It is then directed through heat exchangers, and the air is pre-heated, enters the steam generator, and is mixed with atomized fuel that is also spun in the centrifuge.
In the mid- 1980s, Venus was one of the first to develop a "flow coater" that dispensed catalyzed resin through multiple spray-tip orifices that produced a stream of large droplets rather than an atomized spray.
According to USI, the patented Ultra-Spray head with "integrated liquid delivery system" (ILDS) uses ultrasonic energy to produce a controlled atomized coating, which is applied by the spray forming tip with an electronically controlled metering valve to provide precise control over the liquid flow.
Further investigation detected a hydraulic leak, which could have been atomized under pressure, resulting in a mist that can be ignited at temperatures well below its flash point.
The finer the fuel is atomized, the greater the mixture of the oxygen with the fuel in the combustion chamber.