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Atomized Labs recently announced plans to double the size of its cGMP manufacturing facility located in Beulaville, NC during the second quarter of 2014.
When the water is introduced into these shock discs from the ring of concentric holes at the base of Victaulic's patented emitter, it is atomized to ultra-fine droplets which are blended into the nitrogen flow at high velocity.
Course designs in political science, economics and psychology that promoted social interaction were more effective in achieving their desired results than those that utilized traditional atomized classes in which students pursue parallel rather than interactive learning.
Liberal intellectuals have generally been hostile to the developments Cohen is writing about, because the notion of a polity based on individuals pursuing their own interests as purchasers, leading to a privatized, atomized society, doesn't conform well to the liberal ideal of a good (meaning communitarian) society.
Instead of purchasing communally and gaining recognition as a distinct group with particular demands, farmers became atomized consumers, relatively powerless in their encounters with expanding commercial institutions.
Sensory deprivation stimulates a sensory heightening: the density of air inhaled, the lowered temperature, the soft sound of water spray and the scent of the atomized lake water all begin to overwhelm the senses, inducing feelings of disorientation and isolation.
The book was an attempt, he said, "to understand the origins of our modern world view, and its curious reliance on specialization and ever-narrower slices of the world around us into categories that are then themselves dissected, in an ongoing process of separation, into parts and subparts--a process that sometimes obliterates the connection to the whole and the appreciation for context and the deeper meanings that can't really be found in the atomized parts of the whole.
1-mL-per-spray dosage, produces a fine atomized spray (approximately 30 microns), and is portable and uses no compressed air.
The liquid to be spray chilled is atomized by a two-fluid non clogging nozzle and the airflow within the chilling chamber is controlled by separate variable speed inlet and exhaust fans.
And, in its overwhelming scope, this enhanced awareness of difference can stun, rendering us stupefied--which condition is most prominently evidenced in contemporary American culture as atomized claims to spirituality without religion, as though such a dualism were possible.
Theorists made predictions, but experimenters who fired beams of electrons into atomized hydrogen have found the estimates inaccurate.